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Environmentally efficient management of water and energy consists of understanding the risks they face due to the scarcity of these resources and pollution, to take measures to ensure that they are managed sustainably as a shared public resource.

Our services in this practice area are:


  • We identify and help implement measures to reduce the risk of its operations associated with water and energy.


  • We develop plans for saving and efficient use of water in different sectors.


  • Identification and management of key stakeholders in risk management and minimization.


  • Calculation of the water and carbon footprint and its application in the sustainability of its operation.


  • Financial analysis of alternatives to mitigate water and energy risk.


  • Management and management of non-domestic wastewater discharges associated with production in order to reduce the environmental impact.


  • True cost of water toolkit application.


  • Mapping of stakeholders and community relations strategies for your organization.





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