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health and safety


Our EHS team is dedicated to providing professional services tailored to our clients' operations, business factors, and risks. We understand that each customer is different, so we offer appropriate and consistent solutions that add value to our customers and their businesses. Our particular experience in the technology sector allows us to offer highly focused solutions to this type of business. Our company has the license to provide health and safety services at work in Colombia.

Our services in this practice are:


  • Design and implementation of the Health and Safety Management System SG - SST.


  • Identification of risks in industrial machinery and preparation of workshops for companies.


  • Trainings on health and safety in the facilities of our clients.


  • Field inspections of security conditions.


  • Compliance audits on HSE standards and pre-audit readiness.


  • Evaluation of jobs, ergonomics solutions in office environment and plant safety inspections. 





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