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What have we done?


To date, our company has executed more than 60 projects on environmental issues, focusing mainly on issues of transactional support, due diligence HSE, handling of environmental liabilities and water management, areas in which we specialize and for which we generate a differentiating factor regarding to our competition.
We also have several contracts with companies in which CAO Consultores is the support for compliance with issues related to health and safety at work.
Below we will guide you through some of our most relevant projects.

Zulma Gomez Hoyos

Especialista en Salud Ocupacional




CAO Consultores has identified, dimensioned, designed and is currently working on the implementation of the remediation of a property located in Bogotá contaminated with hydrocarbons from a service station more than ten years ago. Our consultants execute different techniques depending on the depth, type of pollutant, soil characteristics, budget and the development of the urban project in said property.




Our experience has focused on comprehensive water management for our clients, mainly large companies where watert has the greatest materiality. We have worked in more than 10 Colombian basins, in addition to Argentina and Mexico.


  • We support our ally Antea Group USA in supporting the strengthening of the Water Funds for Colombia, working hand in hand with The Nature Conservancy - TNC and Fundación Femsa. Our support focuses both on technical aspects, such as stakeholder mapping and the development of the funds' strategy in the country to respond to the expectations of its partners..


  • We have developed vulnerability studies of the water source for large bottlers in Colombia, identifying and mapping technical, economic, social and environmental risks, and recommending viable solutions to mitigate the associated risk, helping the sustainability of the resource.


  • CAO CONSULTORES participated together with Antea Group France in the preparation of the Hydrogeological studies to determine the risks associated with the sustainability of the resource for the Nestlé Waters plants in Mendoza and Moreno, Argentina.


  • We develop the community relationship strategy for a customer in the food and beverage sector, applicable to its production plant in Panama City.

health and safety


Our Occupational Health and Safety practice involves not only the implementation and support of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System - SG-SST in spanish, but also tailored solutions to guarantee the health of your employees.


  • CAO Consultores developed a 5-day workshop for Pepsico from our partner firm Antea Group, to identify and evaluate the risks associated with the operation of machinery in plants, and accompany operators in the development of technical skills to prevent any accident. This workshop has been implemented in Colombia, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.


  • We have carried out more than 15 HSE audits of regulatory compliance and corporate standards on multinational companies that must locally validate compliance with strict standards.


  • Site inspections to validate specific points according to requirements of a contract or policy.


  • We support with in-house and external consultants some of the largest technology companies in the world to comply with the SG-SST. We also have small and medium-sized companies as clients , to which we adapt to your particular needs..

environmental due diligence


Our expertise in this area has been reflected in more than 20 environmental, HSE and social due diligence evaluations for clients from different sectors.


  • Environmental Assessments - Phase I for multiple properties in Cartagena, Cundinamarca, Bogota, Valle del Cauca, Antioquia, Meta for clients in the industrial, energy and financial sectors.


  • Environmental due diligence for 29 industrial facilities in Colombia in the framework of a global transaction in the chemical sector for a confidential client. CAO Consultores performed the log review, site survey, interview, compliance review, and report (including findings and recommendations) for each site. Subsequently, technical support in sessions with bidders in the procurement process.


  • We support an important North American energy sector firm in the environmental due diligence process (Phases I and II) for the acquisition of assets in Cundinamarca and Valle del Cauca.


  • HSE and social Due Diligence for a colombian client in the energy sector in the process of acquiring a thermoelectric plant.