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environmental liability and transaction support


We understand the risks inherent in an investment in an asset that may potentially have an environmental liability that has a decisive influence on the course of the transaction. We recognize that timely and responsive advice is crucial to maximize the value of each transaction. Through an evaluation we can identify hidden costs and maximize the value of assets for our clients, whether it is acquiring, divesting or merging an asset.

Our services in this practice area are:


  • Due Diligence HSE in asset acquisition processes with potential presence of environmental liabilities.


  • Review of files to validate compliance with environmental and social commitments with communities.


  • Technical concepts to define strategies to address the presence of an environmental liability.


  • Development of phase I and phase II environmental site evaluations to determine the presence of contaminants in groundwater and soil.


  • Design and implementation of soil and groundwater remediation alternatives in situ and ex situ, according to customer needs.


  • Financial analysis of the alternatives for the management of the identified environmental liabilities


Timely and effective asset management can save you a lot of money on transactional processes


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