Empresa de consultoria ambiental y laboral que comprende las necesidades de sus clientes

About us


We are a boutique Colombian consulting firm expert in sustainability, environmental, occupational health and industrial safety solutions. Our company was founded in 2016 on the initiative of two consultants with more than 15 years of professional consulting experience, who throughout their professional practice have managed to generate the trust and credibility of their clients, which has founded the birth of CONSULTORES AMBIENTALES Y OCUPACIONALES S.A.S - CAO.

Our professional practice is based on the interest of generating sustainable solutions of high impact in the essential areas of social, environmental and financial performance of our clients. We are based on a philosophy of personalized work, creating synergies with our clients and extended relationships in the long term. For the execution of our projects we work with interdisciplinary teams of professionals, with the permanent participation of senior consultants to guarantee the highest quality in our products.

CAO is an associate member of the Inogen® Environmental Alliance. Inogen provides an effective global platform for project development worldwide through a global network of environmental consultants. Inogen has 4,330 consultants in 120 offices worldwide. This international experience and that of our consultants gives us a different perspective when identifying and addressing solutions for our clients. Our standardized practices guarantee consistent execution in all the projects and services we offer.

Our approach

  • We understand the needs of companies and work with the best cost-benefit ratio in mind.
  • Personalized and specific approach Professional service always giving priority to the client.
  • Local expertise for global solutions.
  • We openly communicate and share our conclusions and recommendations with management and decision-makers.
  • Our work involves looking for alternatives and not staying in the first option.
  • We generate a concrete result for our clients.
  • We handle information impartially and confidentially, our commitment is transparency. 
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Our team

Physiotherapist with specialization in Occupational Health. She has worked for over 8 years in areas related to ergonomics, job evaluations, and industrial safety inspections.

Currently she is in charge of health and safety compliance for one of the most important technology companies and the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System for multiple companies.

Zulma Gómez Hoyos

Biologist with a specialization in Environmental Impact Assessment of projects, with a master's degree in aquatic ecosystems from the University of Bremen, in Germany.

With extensive experience as a consultant, auditor and researcher in the public and private sector, he has participated in multiple environmental studies, projects associated with resource availability (water and energy), support in the development of sustainability strategies for corporate clients. With experience as a directory / or project consultant in Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Panama.

He currently works as a senior consultant in the environmental and sustainability area, and also interacts with clients to develop business for the industrial sector in Colombia.

Ivan Fernando Ángel